Saturday, December 31, 2022

New Years Eve 2022.

 Happy New Year! 

It was a quiet New Year's Eve around Stillestead!

The girls got all fancy; Ollie looked like Vanilla Ice, and Gigs
ditched us to hang out with his friends. 
(See! Some of us Nielsons DO have a social bone).
Christian and I pretty much spent our evening on 
the couch until the countdown at midnight
Some years are boring like this.
This was one of those years, and next will, too, since it's on a Sunday.  
But again, who's complaining!?
We drank fancy bubbly, an assortment of cheese, crackers, bread, 
chips, and dip, and listened to a music mix of New Year's jams.
The craziest we got was when we danced to the disco delight "Burn Baby Burn"
and Mariah Carey sing "Auld Lang Syne."
Besides smooching, one of my favorite New Year's traditions is 
adding confetti to our bubbly bottles. It makes them look cute and festive.
At midnight, we clanked glasses, smooched, shot off a few fireworks outside,
then waited for Gigs to get home.
He wandered in the door around 12:30- exactly when we told him to be home,
starting the year off right! Good boy, Gigs!
Then we all went to bed.
Tomorrow we're going to break open the bubbly bottle 
with last year's New Year 
goals tucked safely inside since the previous year,
and write our new resolutions for 2023.
(Is it time to take the tree down yet?)

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