Thursday, November 17, 2022

Welcome, ladies!.

Today we finally welcomed our new cattle herd to Stillestead!
We hope these heifers are all soon-to-be mamas,
bred and ready to deliver calves in the Spring.
We will preg-check them (in the mobile Arrowstar) soon!
For now, we welcome these ladies with open arms and excited hearts
in this new adventure!
After the cows were settled in the front pasture, I went to Lowe's with Christian 
for the 1000th time in the last week, as he's been
preparing for today.  I don't even know why we go anymore,
I just get in the car and enjoy being with him.
And I always buy a bag of gummies at the check-out that
we eat together on the way home.
If I wasn't there, he wouldn't buy them, so I think he
 secretly loves when I come for more reasons than one.

Oh, and here is the tree all lit up!  Oh, I love it!

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