Sunday, November 06, 2022


 This morning at church, Oliver shared his testimony of the Savior 
and a sweet story about his experiences yesterday after his car accident.
After the towing company took the truck away and we drove home,
he went outside to the field behind the house and knelt down
and prayed to God, thanking Him for his safe outcome.
He told the congregation it was a defining moment in his life when
he felt God's grace and love for him.  
I was so touched and grateful he shared his feelings so 
freely with our small (we're a branch) congregation.
He will be a fantastic missionary with many faith and
life experiences that will help him as he serves and testifies to the Savoir.
Later in the afternoon, Christian and I had a
 private interview with Lod.
She had all sorts of things to share with us about her little life,
her friends, and her testimony.
I'm so glad she's my lil caboose!

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