Wednesday, November 30, 2022

It's not goodbye, it's just see you later.

 Today we said a teary farewell to Umi and Gramps!
What a fun visit we had with them!
I am so thankful they came to my home and shared
Thanksgiving memories and our family traditions with us
especially since Claire will probably be leaving on her
next big adventure, and Ollie, of course, will be in Brazil.
We picked Lottie up from school early, and the boys
(who snuck out of school a bit early too)
met us a Bojangles, a southern treat.
It's chicken and buttermilk biscuits, and we had to introduce the parents
to this North Carolinian staple.
Of course, we didn't have the chicken, but we really enjoyed the biscuits!
Then we dropped them off at the airport, promising to make another
visit soon- maybe in the summer and visit the beach!
Then Christian and I went to the phone store and GOT NEW PHONES!
My phone was literally hanging to dear life.
And for posterity's sake (they may think this is cool one day)
I got the new Galaxy Z flip phone, and I really love it.
And we tried out the self-timer.
Then Christian pretended to put his new phone on his belt
because once upon a time, 
long ago in a galaxy far away, it was cool to do that.

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