Thursday, October 27, 2022

McBoo from the Past

 Christian and I have been known to spend hours watching
  80's Halloween commercials on YouTube.  
I remember so fondly watching them live with my family 
surrounding the TV- probably watching some Disney special.
But that was back when families watched TV together, 
commercials and all.

Then recently, I read an article that Mcdonald's was bringing back their 
BOO BUCKETS this Halloween, and I was super excited!
Long ago, I remember going to Mcdonald's and sitting in the back seat 
of our Suburban while Mom ordered about 40 boo buckets
for my family and cousins.
I told Mr. Nielson I wanted a Boo Bucket for old times' sake.
And today he took me!
We asked if we could substitute another order of fries instead
of the hamburger/nuggets since, you know, we don't eat meat.
They said no, which is stupid, but whatever.
I ate the fries from the book bucket and reveled in the memories,
except the buckets weren't quite what they used to be...but nothing really is.
Then we drove to the dump to unload some trash.
Since we live in the country, we have to take all our garbage to 
the dump instead of a garbage service coming to the house.
Then we gave the burger to the man who was working at the dump
 and he was super excited to eat it.
So that worked out great.
It was a BOOtiful day.

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