Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Halloween Discoveries.

I discovered the solar lights that illuminate each of the
trees in the front yard can turn color.
It's pretty cheesy, but I changed all the colors to purple and green,
which, for some reason, are Halloween colors?
It was spooky and magical.
I also finally hung up the floating candles that I made years ago
when we were still living at Fox Hill.
Sadly, this might be their last season. They are pretty hammered.
But now I have discovered that you can buy them online,
 and they look way better.
When I made these long ago, that was not an option.
And maybe the best discovery of all this year, 
The Legend of Sleep Hollow in a Calm!!
We love our Calm app and use it nightly!! This was a very 
spooky surprise, and we're all obsessed!

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