Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween 2022.

Halloween was one L O N G day!
 We carved pumpkins (well....some of us did, and some slept).
We had our traditional dinner together of chili, dry ice rootbeer
with ice cube eyeballs, and Claire's leftover birthday cake.
Before dinner, we packed up the back of the car with our carved pumpkins
and lined the driveway with them.

And then, we went trick-or-treating with Princess Bubblegum.
It began POURING rain after Lottie's bag was full of treats.

Not only did it rain, but there was some major spooky lightning
that accompanied it, too. 
After the evening was over, everything was cleaned up,
 and Lod in bed; it was so awesome to climb into my bed,
open my window a crack to hear the rain, turn on my mattress heater,
and watch (aka fall asleep) a spooky movie.

The End.

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