Monday, October 10, 2022

First and Last Homecoming 2022

 Ollie and Gigs attended Homecoming last weekend
(the kids say "HoCo" these days).
Both boys in different groups at different times 
stopped by Stillestead before the festivities for mocktails, 
and so I could take photos of them with their dates,
(Gigs calls me BEV).

Nicholas and his date, an adorable exchange student from France
with the best accent (Better Off Dead, anyone?)
both enjoyed their FIRST dates together.
Ollie and his date stopped by for a drink too.
They didn't stay long, and sadly I only got one good
 photo of the cute couple.
This is Ollie's LAST high school dance since he'll be
graduating in January.
Where does the time go?  
Someone tell me WHERE!!

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