Thursday, September 29, 2022

His Name.

 Tonight at dinner, I told the Nies that I felt impressed
to invite them to think of and pick a favorite name
 or title for the Savior other than Jesus Christ. 
Christian chose DELIVERER, I chose PRINCE OF PEACE, 
Claire chose LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Ollie picked THE ROCK, 
 Gigs liked SHEPARD, and Lottie decided on CREATOR.
Then I asked them to remember the names that they chose and to listen 
closely at the upcoming General Conference to hear if that specific name
is spoken, discussed, and/or talked about.
I am excited to hear what the Lord wants me to hear.
I'm eager to listen for the soft familiar other names He has been
given to reach us and help us connect to Him.

I found a list of names from a devotional given by
Elder Rasband, and I read them out loud to the Nies.
They are so powerful, and it was cool to hear the names we
had each individually chosen among his list:

What is your favorite?

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