Thursday, September 22, 2022

First day of Autumn!


We've had a pile in the corner of the front yard filled with yard clippings,
wood, and stuff from the ongoing construction.
Early when the pile was born, I told Christian that I wanted to burn it
to welcome the first day of Autumn.
So, it's been sitting there from early summer waiting for this very
special day.
For our Autumn feast, I made focaccia bread for sandwiches,
and a delicious apple cider spice cake for dessert.
While I was making the bread, Christian told me he was going to get the 
pile prepped for the bonfire.
I had imagined the fire slowly burning, smores, Neil Young's,
"Harvest Moon" playing on our outdoor speakers, 
with our very own Harvest FULL moon smiling down on us.
Instead, Christian decided to light the fire early, and instead of a slow burn,
it lit and blazed for maybe three minutes, then slowed to a smolder.
Lottie ran inside the house and said,
"Mom, Dad wanted me to tell you to hurry and come out."
I made it for the last 30 seconds.
It was really disappointing.
But funny, too.
No matter what, seeing fire like that really gets me,
and I'm hesitant to get close.
The sound of the roar just gets me, so I guess it was OK that it was
done before it even began.
We enjoyed the first evening in fall (even though it was literally 90 degrees),
ate the cake with cream and began planning Halloween costumes.
Welcome, Autumn, you wonderful season, you!

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