Thursday, August 11, 2022


 One of my favorite things about Stillestead is the 
giant trees around the house and property.
Today we surrounded the trees in the front yard with
mulch.  It took us from sun up to sun down.
It was a huge job!
Throughout the day, we took breaks for drinks,
food, and when Lottie's new 5th-grade lunchbox arrived.
And when Jane needed some
 Portuguese help from Claire.
Three cheers, especially to Ollie, who did most of the physical lifting.
He's a good worker, especially when there is soda involved.
He's really into all the special Coke drinks and 
LOVES the newest Coke drink, Starlight.
I love it too because it's like cotton candy in a drink form.
Today was the late-summer hay harvest in the fields.
I love it!

Pirate Update: 
The pirates left after work last Friday, and we haven't seen them back.
No one misses them.
We're all kind of relieved they're not around, even though 
we still only have one bathroom!
They work SO SLOW.

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