Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Letting go.

 We only have a few more dinners together as a complete family.
It's secretly killing me inside; Lottie's been feeling it too.
She's been down, knowing Jane will be leaving soon.
All this change has been hard on her little heart.
That's been secretly killing me as well.
Being a mother is hard sometimes.
So much up and down, so much happiness and heartbreak,
joy and letting go.
It's all good stuff; it's just hard change.

After dinner and while cleaning up, Jane had a little meltdown.
The weight of her upcoming situation is starting to sink in.
Pretty soon, all of us were crying.
Lottie let Jane hold Pepsi, her cat (that she wished were real)
and Claire comforted Jane; she knows all too well what she's feeling.

I love my family!

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