Friday, August 05, 2022


Before I left Stillestead to exercise this morning,
I taped a little note on the kitchen counter
for my boys.  A little "honey-do" list.
Things like:
-Tape the stucco fireplace in preparation for a new coat of paint
-Spread more mulch on flower beds out front
-Replace light fixtures
-Install knobs on bathroom cupboards
-Put together Claire's bookshelf
When I got home, the only job completed was
Claire's bookshelf.
Ollie managed to put together Claire's bookshelf and then 
tease and wrestle Lottie the rest of the morning.
Typical older brother.
Nicholas was gone most of the day working at his real-paying job
at the golf course, it's hard to compete with that.
Most of the jobs were done after 5:00 when Christian
was home from work.  He's so competent and wonderful.
(We still haven't changed out the Waffel House light
over the dining room, but I ordered a new one!).
Meanwhile, Jane is still hard at work studying everything
from the culture in Portugal to the Portuguese language 
to gospel doctrine and keeping her eyes open amid exhaustion.

So proud of her!

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