Saturday, July 09, 2022

Moving on...slowing down.

 Today we started moving.
So many boxes. So much stuff.
Yes, we've moved a lot, and I don't love it.
But, I am so thankful for good kids who are game for it.
They never complain, and they're happy and ready to help.
They give me so much hope.
But Lottie wasn't feeling good today.
Last night she thought she was going to throw up.
Honestly, I think she just needed me to snuggle her
and give her some attention.
Between Stillested and moving, it's been hard, and we're
not connecting like we usually do.
Lottie is so tethered to me and my emotional state.
She knows and senses my stress.
I'm juggling a lot right now, and so is she.
Definitely, a reminder for me to slow down.

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