Monday, July 04, 2022

Happy 4th of July 2022!!

Last month we reserved a campsite in Pisgah National Forest
in Ashville to spend our 4th of July.
Yesterday as we were planning our day, I broke down and told everyone
that I was feeling a little overwhelmed and felt like we should
stay home and work on Stillested and pack up the other house.
I know, I know I am such a killjoy.
Everyone was furious at me (especially Jane since 
she has limited days before embarking to Portugal for her mission).
So we stayed home.
Everyone was really thrilled. (Not).
We started pulling out the front yard garden beds.
Christian added handles to the kitchen cupboards.
At the end of the day grabbed dinner and lit more fireworks off.
It ended up being a fun day. Well, I think.
Exhausting but fun.
I have a feeling I'm not going to be a very fun mom 
in these coming weeks, maybe even months!
I'm going to be the focused, no-fun mom.
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