Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Welcome home!!.

We did it! We landed safely in Raleigh, North Carolina!
It's green and lush and humid!
I couldn't be more excited to be home!
All the Nies picked us up at the airport
with takeout Mexican food in the car.
I ran to my Nies and hugged them with so much love in my heart!
When we got home, we pulled out the African surprises
we had brought home for them and heard stories
about when we were away.

We stayed up late talking and laughing.
I am so lucky to have such wonderful children who 
lived alone for two weeks (plus a few unexpected days)
happy and healthy. Jane did all the cooking and shopping
and took photos of events while I was gone.
(Homemade pretzels?!!!

1. The boys travel to Raliegh for a few days at the
FFA conference. Gigs started parting his hair.

2. The boys find a giant frog while having an air-soft war
in the backyard:

3. Lottie's adorable selfies:

4. Church selfies:
 Christian and I missed three weeks, and each Sunday,
they showed up together on time! I'm so proud of them!

5. They make a paper chain for Claire's return:

6. They eat together and STILL set the table!

I love having adventures, but I am most happy in my home
with my Nies!!!!

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