Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Wait Until I Get Home

 I got a text today from Oliver, who was at school, and it said:
"Mom, I got a notification that your helmet comes today.  
Don't open it up until I get home!"

Ollie was the one who helped me pick it out in the first place.
All I did was give him my credit card, and he took care of the rest.

Helmets are his thing, you know.
He is so curious and interested in how they are made, how they work,
and how they can prevent concussions and head damage.
(You know he has a billion helmets sitting in his room.
Some are cut in half so he can study the materials).
His dream is to work at a helmet lab as an engineer someday.

My helmet was delivered about 15 minutes before he got home from school
so I waited on the porch with the box.
As he drove up the driveway, I lifted the box to
 show him.
He came running over to me, and together we opened my new Bell.

He showed me all the features and then put the helmet on my head.
He pushed it up and down and wiggled
it around to ensure the sizing was correct.
He fiddled with the mouth vents and told me not to take off any 
of the stickers in the back because, apparently, they're supposed to be there.
(Also, he knows I just generally like to take stickers off things).
Then he changed out the white visor for the black one
then we went for a ride together.
Part of the reason I wanted to get my motorcycle license 
was so I could hang out with my boys.

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