Saturday, May 21, 2022

Hang in there, Rammy!

 This fine Saturday morning, Christian, Jane, Ollie, and I went to Chapel Hill
to take an early morning Barre3 class with one 
of my favorite instructors, Kristi,
who is moving to Texas. I wanted to take one last class from her.
After a beautiful sweaty class, complete with hugs and photos, 
we all piled into the truck, then it made a loud alarming noise, and Christian
immediately turned the car off.  
We got out and noticed the belt had snapped entirely
and was lying on the road next to the truck we named "Rammy."
It took Christian and Ollie about two hours to fix it while Jane and I sat on 
our phones reading articles about the new Top Gun movie
(which we saw on opening night, obvs, and LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH!).
Anyway, Lottie and Gigs were home alone, and Gigs called me 
to let me know he was making tuna fish and cheese sandwiches for lunch.
Christian and I missed a friend's daughter's wedding,
which was disappointing and madding.
But we made it home just in time for me to take
Next objective: haircut!

So grateful that Ollie and Chrisitan were able to get the car working
enough to drive it into the shop to be fixed.
Our cars are dying of slow deaths, but holding on!
And we pray every day and thank God for that blessing.
And I thank God that Christian knows how to fix things.
Literally everything-s!

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