Sunday, May 15, 2022

After Church Chatting

 Since I'm an introvert and not a big fan of after-church chatting, 
I usually park on the far side of the parking lot.
Today after the church was over and I cleaned up the RS room after
a fantastic lesson and slipped out the back door
and walked to the car to wait for the kids.
Sure enough, Jane came first, followed by Ollie and Lottie who 
raced each other to the car.
Gigs sauntered out a few minutes after with about 50 little
kids hanging on him.
Finally, Christian emerged, chatting with several friends of ours.
I love that he's so warm and willing to talk and listen.
He's the best, and I really need to learn from him.
I actually love talking to people; it's just hard for me to connect with
several people simultaneously, and after 
church is primetime for that type of interaction.
Actually, sometimes I surprise myself (and others)
 and can be really chatty, too!

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