Wednesday, April 20, 2022


 Today Ollie's black tux suit arrived. He's going to look
 so handsome at Prom next month.  
Tomorrow we will go to my favorite seamstress
and have her take it in so it will fit like James Bond's tux.
He and his cute friend, Jake, reserved a place for dinner
and an activity to do together for the day date.
Apparently, they don't do day dates here because that idea was shot down
hard and fast by the girls.

I mean, not to brag or anything, but for my prom day date,
we FLEW to St. George, Utah, to go hiking, then FLEW home, 
where a limo picked us up for dinner at Sundance.
It was over the top amazing, and I realize that.
But I have to admit, dating these days is kinda bleak.

I also realize that the Nies are romantics like their parents.
But bring back the 90's!!

I'd share my Prom photos of this extravagant date but
they are packed away, plus my dress was super ugly and immodest
which really embarrasses me.

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