Friday, April 22, 2022

Packing, Preparing & Portugal

 This evening I went to Jane's room, and together, we went through her
clothes.  She made three different piles:
1. Take on the Mission  2. Store while I'm gone  3. Giveaway
We went through almost everything she owned
and put clothes in the appropriate pile.
She's already started shopping for new clothes to take on her mission,
and with those clothes, we put outfits together.

But she doesn't plan on taking everything, so we folded
other clothes up nicely, and I packed them in two huge containers
for safe storage, just like Claire and I did when she was preparing to leave.

We had some good laughs together and then
we got really hungry and went downstairs and made
burritos, which is a Nielson favorite on the weekend.

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