Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Jane's Gift.

Today Christian and I took Jane to the temple to receive her
We have taught Jane and all our children that receiving their temple
endowment can be one of the most sacred events of their lives.
Christian and I have tried to teach and prepare them for this special day 
because we know it will be more meaningful and powerful.
And my Jane has been ready for this day for a long time.
She's studied, prepared, prayed, and taken temple classes to learn
more about Jesus Christ and this beautiful ordinance in His holy house.
While in the temple, we met another family from Virginia
who had come to the North Carolina temple with their daughter, 
who was also receiving her endowment as she 
prepares for her upcoming marriage later in the summer.
where they usually go is under construction, so they go to Raleigh.
It was meant to be because, as it turns out, we're best friends
and instantly hit it off.  We even went to lunch, 
 exchanged phone numbers, and took photos together.
I'm feeling grateful for the temple, families, Jesus Christ, 
new friends, and fantastic children!

*Jane's first temple experience in Provo was when she turned
twelve in 2015:

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