Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Birthday Donuts!.

 Today Jane and I went to Lottie's school during recess and handed out
donuts and Capri Sun drinks to her classmates.
Of course, we picked up Duck Donuts, the North Carolina OG,
and Lottie's favorite treat.
Everyone sang to her, and she begged me to take her home.
I assured her I'd be back in three short hours, but she prevailed.
It was her birthday, after all!
Plus, I had severe separation anxiety as a child 
so when my mom would bring Provo Bakery smiley face sugar cookies
 to my class on my half-birthday (my birthday in the summer) 
then leave; it was totally traumatic.
And to make it worse, in my elementary school, we had giant windows in 
our classroom that faced the parking lot, and I would watch her
get into our huge Suburban and drive away, and my heart would explode
with sadness, and I'd have a giant lump in my throat and be on the 
verge of tears until the dismissal bell rang.
I was such a homebody.
We love Lottie's teacher, Ms. Carpenter! 

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