Tuesday, March 08, 2022

New Shorts.

Tomorrow we are headed to Arizona!!
It will be such a nice little break for our family.
Christian and I are meeting with our Kilimanjaro team
for a hike, planning meetings, and dinner.
(Our climb is in June!  Just a few short months away!).
I'm also meeting with Dr. Foster at the burn center for a health evaluation/check-up.
Coincidentally, Christian has some Bov-IQ work to do, too.
Seeing the Jones family and feeling the warm AZ sun will be fun.
I'm hoping the orange blossoms are in bloom.
That would make the trip complete for me!
Anyway, I took Ollie, Gigs, and Lod to the mall after 
school in preparation for our early Spring break.
For the record, I hate the mall.
Also to note: our mall in Durham has a shooting 
pretty much about every month.
It's kind of a gamble with your life to go, 
but we bravely made the trek.
While at the mall, we looked for some warmer weather
 clothes for my growing children.
I swear Gigs has grown 5 feet since we bought him his last pair of shorts.

My kids make me laugh so hard.
Sometimes they try on the ugliest clothes just to make me laugh.
They also drag me into stupid stores like Hot Topic and try
and tell me really dumb stuff is cool. 
Man, I feel old!
Just as we were leaving, several police cars pulled up
along with an ambulance and two firetrucks.
It wouldn't be a trip to the mall without that!

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