Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 I asked Christian to learn to French braid so while we're in Africa
climbing Kilimanjaro this summer, he can do my hair.
So, tonight the master braider, Lindsay, gave him 
a tiny braid crash course in the kitchen 
with the help of her daughter, Livvy.
He did a good job!

While I was in the hospital after the accident, my hair was shaved off
to harvest my scalp skin for grafts.
While I was so thankful I had skin to donate to myself, 
I was also so sad since before that, it was the longest that
 I had never EVER had my hair in my LIFE!
 But figured my hands were in such bad shape
that I'd never be able to do my hair again anyway- 
even if I did have long hair.
But Christian encouraged me to grow it out again and
promised he'd help me comb it until I was able.
(I'm crying).
So I grew my hair out, and he did comb it. 
Every day he combed it.
He braided it, put in bobby pins, barrettes, and 
rubber bands until the day came that
I could manage on my own.
I mean, he was helping me go to the bathroom so
I think braiding my hair was a piece of cake 
as he helped me recover and get back to normal.

You're a good man, Christian Nielson.

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