Wednesday, February 16, 2022

On The Floor.

Today I joined Christian "on the floor" 
(that's convention lingo for those of you who don't know).
He mingled and answered a lot of questions about BovIQ and its capabilities. 
I took photos and stood back, watching him work the crowd.  
I was very impressed.
Around 4:00, we left the convention and took a Barre3 class
together in The Gultch, which is a popular neighborhood of Nashville.
It was fun to walk downtown together 
and then eat at a delicious pizza joint after.  
Christian and I talked together about where we were last year at this time 
and felt SO GRATEFUL we are where we are now.  
There were some mighty tall mountains we were climbing together then.
I am so thankful we stayed strong together, though.  We've done some hard things, 
but they've always been together and with God.  ALWAYS with God.
Tomorrow I have to go home while Christian stays another week
to do more AG stuff.
He'll be testing BovIQ on some farms and land in Tenessee.
I'm so glad I got to come out, if only for a few days, to watch him
work, see him perform, and spend time with just him.
I saw this advertisement at the convention
and sent this to Jane because it reminded me of her:

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