Monday, February 21, 2022

Jane gets her wisdom teeth out.

 Today has been a dreaded day for our new 19-year-old, Jane.
Today Jane got her wisdom teeth out.
She's been dreading this day for MONTHS!
When the dawn broke, I woke her up, gave her a Xanax
(prescribed by her doctor, of course),
and together we drove to the oral surgeon's office.
The first half of the drive Jane was worried and on edge.
But the second half of the drive, she was groggy and carefree. 
 (Thank you, Xanax!)

I waited in the lobby and worked on some church stuff while
she got her three wisdom teeth removed.
It's funny, Jane was born with only three wisdom teeth- missing her 
top right, and Claire was born with only one wisdom tooth
 which coincidentally is her top right! 
My girls are so interconnected. It's crazy and cute.

One of Jane's fears was I was going to film her saying silly things
like all the goofy kids are doing these days.
I promised her I wouldn't film her talking, but she was a little silly
and started crying when she told me that her doctor
(who is also in our church congregation, Brother Doctor Smith) 
didn't say goodbye to her after the surgery.
I assured her that he probably did, but she forgot.
She didn't believe me.
She must have told me that story 60 times.
That, and that the nurse took blood from her arm.
I drove to Target to get her pain med prescription and 
told her not to text anyone while I was gone.
Apparently, she forgot that, too, since she sent out a family text
with a photo of her holding her wisdom teeth:
"Oh this is sad."
We had a good laugh a few hours later.
I am a PRO at texting/blogging/calling people while under the influence
of pain meds, and it ain't pretty!!

We came home, and she fell asleep in my bed, where she stayed for
about a week.  

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