Friday, January 28, 2022

Photos with Jane and a Visit from Claire!

Jane had her photos taken today at one of our
 favorite places here in North Carolina; on the banks of Jordan Lake.
It was a chilly overcast day, but perfect for photos.
It was so fun for me to make her laugh and tell her how
absolutely beautiful she looked.

My goodness, I have beautiful children, and I know
it's the light that radiates from their eyes and spirits
that makes them breathtaking.
It's the ever-presence of the Savior in their countenances that shine
outward and upward.
And the best part of the session was when Claire came flying
in (as her Blue Heron alias) to be there with us!
Melissa, our photographer, Jane and I couldn't believe it.
Since Claire left on her mission and we'd see a North Carolina
Blue Heron, we always felt Claire was close
since she's always had a thing for that graceful bird.
Last November at our family photos a gorgeous Heron flew in and stayed with 
us the whole evening.  It was so touching,
and today when the Heron flew in magnificently and landed close to us,
(I was crying), I said out loud to the bird:
"Thanks for coming to be with us, Claire!  
I miss you so much!".

(Thank you, Melissa!)
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