Friday, December 03, 2021

It's for everyone!.

Today I finished decking the halls with all my Christmas cheer and decorations.
But something was missing. A tree in the kitchen! 
That was what was missing, and I needed one!
Earlier in the week, we had spotted a flocked tree...ahem, 
flocked. Umm, no, North Carolina doesn't know what flocked is.
(I miss you, Baums of Provo!).
This tree was white because they had spray-painted it.
But it was still cute, and we were excited about it nevertheless.
So tonight, after dinner, Jane and I bundled up and drove the truck 
to pick it up.
On our way there and just as we were turning off from
 Russell Chapels Road and onto the 15-501, we noticed two girls sitting
on the side of the road. They looked young.
It was a pretty chilly night, and I felt compelled to stop and ask them
if they needed help.
They accepted a ride to their home which was nearly 2 miles away.
They explained that their parents kicked them out of the house that day,
  and they had been wandering around Pittsboro all day.
Turns out family life is in the dumps for them.
I invited them to church with us and to join the youth group.
They both gave me a solid "maybe."
We dropped them off at a trailer home and exchanged numbers.

I was thankful for my nice warm car, happy life, and children.
I honestly have been given much.
This time of year is so beautiful but stressful,
and at times has been hard to feel that familiar Christmas spirit.
After dropping them off, I felt so much gratitude and love for the Savior
of the world.
K& J, who are step-sisters, need the gospel, too.
It's not just for some people. It's for everyone.
They need God's grace, mercy, and forgiveness just as I do.
And I have covenanted to share this light, and that's what 
I am going to do that.
Annnnd, the tree is really cute.
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