Friday, December 10, 2021

Gold Stars

This weekend we prepared for our annual St. Lucia Day feast next Monday.
This day is very significant in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. 
In December, the daylight time is very short and darkness
 and nighttime are extremely long so they celebrate this holiday which
symbolizes light and love with families, church congregations, and friends.
 This year it's Lottie's turn to be beautiful Lucia!
Each year we make something new to celebrate this special day.
This year with my two red-headed beauties,
we decided to make clay stars to dangle above the dinner table.
We rolled out the clay dough and used a star cookie cutter to make
nearly 50 stars.  I added gold foil to the clay and worked it in so when
I rolled it out there were gold bits speckled in.
They turned out cute.
I love family traditions.
I love my Scandinavian heritage.
I love the Savior who is the light of the world!
Merry Christmas!

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