Thursday, November 04, 2021

Treasures and Tuna.

 Now that all the boxes are loaded in the house and garage 
I don't know where to start.
So I triaged boxes and rooms and decided that the kitchen would be the
a most important place to start unloading.
I took a little break this afternoon and went upstairs
to check on the Nies' progress in their rooms.
They finally unloaded boxes of their clothes.
(We've all been living out of our suitcases since June!).
I went into Lottie's room and saw that she had begun decorating. 
 She has many funny, unique little treasures adorning her dresser and desk.
I still need to learn what they are or where they came from.  
I love that she loves little trinkets. It makes me happy.
I wish my mom would have walked around my
 room snapping photos of my little things. 
I would love to see them now!
(I had a pretty impressive birthday glass doll collection):

So if you are reading this, go to your kids' rooms and
 take photos of their treasures, prized possessions, 
toys, and little corners.  
Looking around Lottie's room and bathroom, I
 noticed how deliberately she was decorating and organizing her treasures.
It's pretty cute.
I guess moving a lot has taught me about things and possessions
and what we value most.
Or maybe I'm still learning it because I really ache for
my stuff is in the storage units in New Mexico.
(Nana's mink coat!!!! My Christmas china, journals, photos, etc...)
When we unload that place, it will be like a double Christmas.
Moving a lot has stripped our family layer by layer of things
until we only have what we truly need and treasure.
You know, like Lottie's Lip Smacker collection! 
Later, around 12:45, as I was settling into bed, I got a text on my phone.  
It was from Gigs, who said to me:
Mom, could you buy some tuna tomorrow. The kind with oil, not water. 
 And some spring rolls too. That sounds sooooooooooo good. 
And some pickles for the tuna. And bread. Love you, goodnight.

Does that sound like a 15-year-old boy or what!?

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