Friday, October 08, 2021

We Found Autumn!!!

 This weekend we decided to drive north to
 Boone, North Carolina to experience autumn and all its glory.
Autumn color doesn't really show up in our neck of the woods
for a few more weeks (month?) so we went out searching for her.
There is something inside me that needs the fall.
I crave the changing of the seasons.
I need the color, I need the smells, I need the cold,
 and I need to see the shadows that
the sun makes on the trees just at fall time.

So we drove the glorious Blue Ridge Parkway
and the trip didn't disappoint!
I was in heaven.  We all were!
Unfortunately, (but fortunately for me since I LOVE this kind of weather) 
thick fog and rain moved in covering the fall color and everything
around except the roads ahead.
It was spooky and beautiful!

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