Saturday, October 02, 2021


 We love Conference Weekend!  
Over two days our family snuggled in the basement
 and watched all ten hours together.
Ten hours of goodness.
After the Saturday afternoon session, we drove to a restaurant
where they serve mac and cheese sandwiches.
I wanted soup and bread.
It just seems appropriate for October.
 (It was 78 outside-- I'll never get used to the temperatures here).
After the first session on Sunday, we drove around seeking 
for any signs of fall.
It's still a little hard to come by.
It's still so green and lush, but I am anxious for change!
We were so excited when President Nelson announced 
that a temple will be built in Vitória, Brazil!!!
I cried thinking about Claire and her excitement for the people she is serving.
I cried for all the people of Brazil who will have another temple to
worship the Lord inside.
And, I cried with emotion for everything in my life,
the good and the bad, and when President Nelson said this:
"I love you, dear brothers and sisters. The Lord knows you and loves you. 
He is your Savior and your Redeemer. He leads and guides His Church. 
He will lead and guide you in your personal life if you
 will make time for Him in your life—each and every day."

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