Friday, October 15, 2021

9.82 Days Old

 Last night Lottie and I sat outside and watched
 as Christian fixed his motorcycle tire.
It's not cold here, but chilly enough that the fireflies have long moved on.
I am excited for a change in the weather and it comes to 
North Carolina so much later than we are used to in the west.
Lottie has been learning about the phases of the moon and
 her homework for the past few nights has been to go outside
and determine the moon phase.
Tonight it was on the Waxing Gibbous Phase meaning that the
moon is 9.82 days old.
We talked about how God is in every little detail of this beautiful earth.
Christian got the tire on his motorcycle fixed 
and was up bright and early for work the next morning.
I love being married to such a capable man!

Spiritual Enlightenment:
 "If we love God enough to try to be fully faithful to Him, 
He will give us the ability, the capacity, the will,
 and the way to love our neighbor and ourselves."

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