Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Welcome September! (and zits)

 Happy September!  
The last week here in North Carolina has felt like fall!
The weather has been chilly and we've even been wearing...SWEATERS!!!  
To welcome September and the changing of the seasons,
we also welcome another kind of change.
A fist zit!
Yep, Gigs finally got his first legit zit.
Gigs definitely has the best skin in the family and for him to get his first zit
(Yes, just ONE singular zit)
as a freshman in high school is pretty miraculous.
A lot of us got our zits in 7th grade.
Christian tried to help him with the correct popping and squeezing routine
in the bathroom (using MY tweezers!!!).
I know, super gross.
And of course, I took photos of it.

I hate the word "zit". 

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