Thursday, September 09, 2021

Jane in Alaska

Jane finished off her summer in Alaska with my sister, 
Page and her family. I admit I was worried about her flying alone from 
Arizona to meet the gang in Juneau, 
then I worried about bears and other wildlife, 
then I worried that her appendix would burst (or something like that) 
while alone at their remote cabin (with no power). 
Then I found myself worrying about her flying on a seaplane
 to get to the cabin in the middle of nowhere, then I worried she'd be cold, 
but now in all seriousness, I worry she'll never want to come home! 
I think she belongs in Alaska!
But she did come home to me!  I am so glad to have her 
back here in North Carolina (she's been out of the house since March!)
 and with so many stories to share!
And Lottie is super excited to have her home so
 she's not the only girl sister anymore!
The first and only time I talked to Jane while she was gone was when she
called me right before she boarded her plane home.
I could tell she was emotional, but not because she was homesick.
"Mom, I saw a killer whale!!!".
Jane is and has been obsessed with killer whales for years.
For as long as I can remember she has loved those beautiful black and white
sea creatures.  And on the last day, she saw a pod of them.
In between silent sobs, she said to me,
"Mom, that's how I know that God loves me!"
Eating off the land; blueberries, salmon, and mushrooms to name a few.
Wildlife sightings (bear, moose, whales)
Salmon fishing, boat rides, the seaplane, 
XTRATUF boots, and clouds over the mountians.

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