Tuesday, September 07, 2021

I Didn't Know

I've loved having Jane back home with me! 
She's my little buddy and we do everything together!
Sadly for me, this is a short-lived arraignment as she just got 
another job as a dental assistant while simultaneously 
getting her dental assistant certificate! 
 Go, Jane!
She's excited... I mean, her dream job would probably be 
working as a park ranger in Alaska but this is a good option, too.
Today after our Barre class we went to Target to pick up a few items
 and check out the HALLOWEEN stuff that's already out!  Yes, you heard me. 
 I said HALLOWEEN! I have to admit, I am really excited!
Mostly I was excited about the candy corn! 
Gotta love those in any season!
While in the cracker aisle I came across a box of mini saltine and
grabbed a box for my older friend who attends church with us.
She has been home-bound for a while and is in the last stages of her life.
Right now all she will eat are crackers (mini saltines) and ginger ale.
When we got to her apartment we found her on the floor just below her bed.
She had fallen and had been lying there for several days.  
It was heartbreaking.  
We picked her up, bathed her, and got her the attention she needed.
It was really a sad situation.
After a bath and fresh clothes, she sat in her 
wheelchair nibbling on her saltines while I put some ointment
 on bad bedsore on her heel.
Then I began telling her that I knew a lot about the Bacitrcian ointment 
and wraps from my time in the burn unit.
She looked at me and asked me and said,
"Oh, I didn't know you were a nurse on the burn unit."
I said back to her, "Oh, no I was a patient there."
She looked at me surprised and said,
"You were a patient?"
I looked at her, lowered my mask, and said,
"Yes, I'm burned, can't you see."
She in all honesty said to me, "well no, Stephanie, I didn't know."
Now, I know she is older and her eyesight is not so great (obviously).
But it was a beautiful reminder to me of how the Savior sees us.
He doesn't see burns or any other kind of handicap we may have.
He sees us for who we are and what we are doing.
He sees our efforts, he sees our dedication, and he sees what we are capable of.
For that three minutes, it felt so good to think that someone didn't see
me as burned.  I wasn't labeled. It was just, me!
And that is how I want to see people, too.

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