Saturday, September 11, 2021

9/11 & Barre3.

 Today I woke up and watched several 9/11 documentaries.
I still can't believe that disaster happened.  
Chrisitan and I talked about and remembered what we
we're doing and where we were when it happened.
He had woken up to go to his early morning classes 
on campus and left me sleeping.
I was 8 months pregnant with Claire. 
He called me around 6:30 to tell me to turn on the TV.
He was on his way home since all classes had been canceled
He told me about a plane that had crashed into the World Trade Center.
I didn't even know what that was or where it was.
Just as he walked into the door of the Pioneer House, we watched as
a second airplane crashed into tower two of the trade centers.
We were both shocked!
We spent the next 2 weeks GLUED to the TV in disbelief and heartbreak.
Everything changed then. Everything!
Today I felt patriotic and sad, too.

Today later in the afternoon, Jane and I attended a Barre3 
class together, followed by an instructor training course.
Brooke from Barre3 asked me to attend because she thinks I could
teach. Honestly, I've thought about doing it before at some point in 
my life. I don't know if that time is now, but I went anyway.
Jane has always shown interest in teaching, too.
When she worked at the Gilbert Barre3, she was confronted by another
instructor to get her teaching certificate.
So maybe we're in this together!

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