Tuesday, July 13, 2021

SteFANNY's Dream

When I was going through some, you know, normal high school challenges, 
my mom bought me a children's book called Fanny's Dream. 
One afternoon after school we sat down on the couch and she
read it to me like I was five years old again.
 One of my nicknames as a child was Fanny, 
and this book spoke to me in more ways than its name.
  The book is about a young girl who has big dreams and people tell 
her that her dreams can't come true because she isn't good enough,
 smart enough, or even pretty enough, and instead of believing them
she works harder to make them happen.
But her dreams weren't happening exactly the way she 
had envisioned them, and yet they still came true. 
Fanny marries a fantastic man named, Heber, and they
work hard to achieve these dreams and goals TOGETHER
to make a beautiful ordinary life.
Not to give away any spoilers, but Fanny and Heber's house burn down
 and together they rebuild a life with a glorious attitude,
 and they do it with love.
I'm so grateful my mom gave it to me 
when I was a sophomore all those years ago when I felt like 
I wasn't good enough at cheerleading, 
or smart enough like all my friends around me.   
The book was good for me then, but it's really for me now
as I endure new challenges and struggles.
Jane and I spent some time together one afternoon where we
 found ourselves at the mall to make a return, 
which is funny since we both HATE THE MALL.  
But while in line to make our return, Jane saw a really darling hat.  
and it looked just like Fanny's hat on the cover of the book.
I put it on and I felt like Fanny in every way.
My life has been hard, challenging, and frustrating- especially lately.
 I've seen some very high highs, and have been met 
with some very low lows.
But I've always been protected by God and His grace.
And Christian loves me, and my children do, too, and
I'm still hanging in there.
And I should have bought the hat!

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