Thursday, July 08, 2021

Numbers and Motercycles.

While sitting in a taco shop in downtown Mesa for lunch with the boys
 Oliver showed me a photo of Gigs on a motorcycle.  
"See this photo, mom?" Ollie asked me.
"Ya, I see it. Gigs, you look so cute!"
Then Ollie said,
"Well about 10 seconds after I took this
 a girl came up to Gigs and asked
him for his number."
Wait, WHAT?" I shouted in the taco shop.
"Well, actually the girl's mom asked Gig's for his number.
She told him that her daughter (who was by the way standing next to her)
 thought he was super cute and wanted his number."
I lowered my voice a little and said, "That's weird, but then what?"
I was on the edge of my seat when Gigs interrupted 
and said,
"I gave my number to her mom and smiled at the girl."

I think this will be the beginning of many more 
experiences like that for him.

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