Friday, July 02, 2021

Goodbye, boys!.

 Today I dropped the boys off at the airport headed to Utah
to spend some time with cousins.
Oliver and his cousin, Jesse, talk every single day,
 and being together is a dream come true.
I've always said that there is nowhere better to be than in Provo for
  the 4th of July, and I was happy for my boys 
to go back and be with family.
Then Jane, Lottie, and I drove to the mountains on the open road
to where Lindsay and Spencer have a cabin.
We decided to spend the 4th up there enjoying cooler weather
and a change of pace, plus the 4th of July Rodeo in town was calling our name!

****************The boys hiked Sqaw Peak, went to Scout camp, visited Topher's grave, visited family, and went to Provo's Freedom Festival Parade******************

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