Friday, July 30, 2021


Today we spent the day on Topsail Beach.
The weather was divine, and the water warm.
(And no shark sightings anywhere).
It was so nice to relax on the beach with Christian and my Nies.
This summer has been full of twists and turns
and unexpected surprises, and some not-so-great surprises.
So this little trip was so nice to relax together.
But we miss Clane!!!!!
We had dinner and watched the sun sink down.  We talked
with Jane and told her how much we missed her.
Then we headed home.
I love that we live so close to the beach that 
we can have these fun day trips!

Spiritual Enlightenment:
God’s commandments are a manifestation of His love for us,
 and obedience to His commandments is an expression of our love for Him.
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