Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Last Day of 3rd Grade

 Today was Lottie's last day of school.
We got her teacher, the incredible, Mrs. Carpenter a large fig tree
 to show our gratitude.
She was the most amazing teacher, especially considering
 the weird school year they had.

The kids were supposed to have a water party on the last day of school,
 but North Carolina has had a lot of rain.
Instead, they pivoted and planned to have a party inside the gym.
Not as fun, but Lottie was still excited.
The night before she asked me if we could get some color spray for her hair.
She picked out purple and promised me it would wash right out!
I was hesitant but wanted to join in on the excitement of the last day of school.
I mean, it IS kind of a big deal!
We temporarily moved into a home about 25 minutes away from school
which means I've been having to wake her up much earlier than usual,
and I was a little worried we wouldn't have time to spray her hair in the morning
 so we decided to spray her hair the night before.
When I woke her up the next morning, her pillow was purple and we had to respray 
her hair anyway.  So much for that plan.

It looked silly, but she loved it.
I stopped at the gas station on the way to school and she grabbed 
a banana, a pack of Nutella with pretzels, orange juice, and a chocolate donut
for breakfast.  Anything goes on this day!
 Later the boys and I grabbed lunch then I dropped them off to go golfing.
I picked Lottie back up from school and we drove back to the golf course 
to get the boys who were just finishing up the last hole.
I read a chapter of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
while we waited in the car.
The boys drove the golf carts up to the car and asked Lottie if she
wanted to drive the cart around.
She was pretty excited about that.
Then we headed to the pool for the rest of the evening
since the rain dispersed and the weather was so nice.
I'd say it was a great last day of school for Lottie.

I can't believe she is going to be in 4th grade next year!!
I've been reflecting on our school theme to Hear Him.
This year has been challenging for our family (and the world!).
But, our family theme has carried me and my children
through some very dark times.
We are so thankful for the Lord's promise that if we Hear Him
we will know what to do in any circumstance!

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