Monday, May 10, 2021

Mother's Day 2021.

Mother's Day without my two beautiful mamasita's,
Claire and Jane didn't feel quite the same.

But my three boys and Lottie still made it special and unforgettable.
I sent a note to the Bishop of our congregation and told him that
 I wouldn't be at an early morning leadership meeting since
 I'd be in my bed sleeping and/or enjoying French toast for breakfast.
That's exactly what happened.  Around 9:30 (9:30!!) I woke up to
 Mr. Nielson reminded me of a church meeting (that I couldn't miss) 
along with a plate of delicious
 French toast with cream and berries.  It was perfect.
I enjoyed them for a few bites, then carried the plate
 to the sink with me while I got ready.
Church was beautiful, with wonderful talks honoring women and mothers, 
and I felt spoiled, especially after when I left the building 
with a king-sized treat and tulips.    
I know not all women feel so jazzed about Mother's Day 
and with each year that passes, 
and I get to know all different kinds of women and their situations,
 I'm starting to understand a little more about why, 
 I am so thankful for that insight!
 I really appreciated these beautiful words by Sister Sharon Eubank:
"...On Mother’s Day, I would say: “Don’t let sadness obscure the view. 
Your covenants have already paved your path. Keep going. 
You are doing better than you know.” What might the Lord say to us? 
I think He would throw His arms around us and let us know we are worthy
 enough to keep going and our sacrifices have been acceptable before Him. 
He would tell us He is reserving for us all that is in our hearts,
 unspoken things that only 
He could know. He would say that He sees us and all we do behind the scenes,
 that we are not invisible to Him. He would ask of us the same thing 
He asked Peter: “Lovest thou me? … Feed my lambs. … Feed my sheep” 
(John 21:15–17)."
When we got home from church, Lottie and I swang outside on the front
porch swings while we read a little Mother's Day book
that she had made for me in school.
It made me laugh so hard.  It is the cutest thing ever!!
Nicholas made nachos for lunch and brought me a cold
Dr. Pepper.  My favorite.  It was relaxing and wonderful.
Then Mr. Nielson started dinner and made:
Brussels sprouts, beets, green salad, and rolls.
(And potatoes.  Call me crazy, but I don't love mashed potatoes).
The boys each wrote me a sweet letter, and they made me cry-
especially Ollie's.  He said some very profound and sweet things to me.
After dinner and angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries,
(Yes, I made that for myself.  I shared, too).
Claire got to call us, and Jane, who had just got home
 from church at her new singles ward joined in!
 It was so much fun talking to both girls
especially since I knew we'd get to do it again the next day on P-day!!
It was a very special Mother's Day treat indeed!!
She's doing great and read me a journal entry from a very
special experience about me and our family and made me cry.
She's a very special soul.
I am so grateful for the women in my life, past and present who
 have sacrificed for their families, who have done hard things, 
and who have stayed faithful to the Lord.  
I have so many mothers and women I look up to.   
Including one of my occupational therapists in the burn center,
 Deb, who didn't literally give me birth (Thanks, Cindy!),
but bore so much with me while I endured hardship
 and heartbreak, triumph, and success.
And that is what mothers do!
I really truly do come from amazing, resilient, and courageous women
on both sides of my family and on my Nielson side, too.

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