Friday, April 30, 2021

The Light In My Eyes.

Last night was amazing, and our family was so honored
as we watched the Night of Heroes event.
There was a part in the live interview last night when 
  CLAIRE (referred to these days as Sister Nielson)
 POPPED UP on Zoom to say hi.
She was able to attend along with Jane, who's in Arizona.
Seeing her beautiful face and black nametag on her shirt made me feel emotional.
What an excellent way to represent her role as a servant of Jesus Christ!
Thank you to the wonderful people at the Valleywise Health Foundation
and my burn peeps for sending us a 
basket of delicious goodies to enjoy while watching the program.
When I was a patient in the burn unit, I had a mini-fridge in my room
filled with treats and drinks, specifically rootbeer,
to make it more enticing for my Little Nies to visit me.
The goodie basket sent to us last night was filled
with treats and ROOTBEER!  
I was so touched they remembered that.  

I LOVED hearing from my incredible heroes,
 Dr. Foster and Dr. Lettieri, too.
I hope the foundation receives gazillion dollars from donors!
This is a very special hospital to me, with 
 the best doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff!

You can watch the full short documentary that was
used in the event below:

THANK YOU, David Pergolini & Justin Rogers 
for making our story into a beautifully stunning and emotional treatment. 
I am forever grateful.

Happy Weekend!
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