Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Bamboo, Duck tape, and Purging

Yesterday Gigs was out exploring the neighborhood looking
 for more critters to add to his already 400 plus critter collection;
 (frogs, toads, crickets, lizards, scorpions, hissing cockroaches, and Fern).
And in his searching, he came across a giant bamboo tree.
He cut down a few branches with his hatchet that he carries around
 everywhere he goes and lugged them home where he and
 Ollie wrapped them up in duck tape and had lightsaber fights.
Those are always fun and games until someone gets super mad.
Ollie came in with a bloody finger and I suggested he wear gloves.
He looked at me and was like,
 "Mom, that's super nerdy to wear gloves." 
 And I was like, "Oh, and having lightsaber fights at age 16 isn't?"
I guess it doesn't matter how old you are, once a boy always a boy.
I secretly love it.
Later I dedicated the rest of the day upstairs in the boy's room
cleaning, organizing, and doing a lot of purging.
I must have gotten rid of 30 small containers and tupperwares
that Gigs keeps for his bugs hidden under his bed,
I stepped on probably 6 pins from his insect pinning,
and found a giant stash of wrappers under Ollie's bed.
He likes treats- maybe more than me.
The boys hate when I do this with them because I make them 
try on clothes that they never wear to make sure they have officially
grown out of them, and/or remind them they still own them.
Like, we discovered three white Sunday shirts with tags STILL ON THEM
stashed in the back of the closet.
We also had some good laughs today when they tried on 
 clothes that were WAY TOO tight, or when I discovered 4 pairs of shorts in
Gigs' drawer that fit and 8-10 year old.
Like, I remember buying these shorts for the boys
when we lived in Fox Hill when they were in 4th and 6th grade!!!
They must have been HUGE on them back then if they still (kinda) fit.
Gigs is really sentimental and so after a little power struggle,
I decided to let him keep the shorts
and when I said he could keep them, I really meant it.  
In fact, I'm never going to throw them away, and will
 probably wrap them up and gift them to him on his wedding day.

The boys get really distracted while we work:
But I'm just glad they are with me and making me laugh while
I secretly throw away their stuff.
When it was all said and done, we took four big garbage sacks to The Goodwill,
and dumped four more sacks into the garbage.
Piles were stacked up in the laundry room and Christian came to see the progress,
then he shouted, and I thought it was because of all the hard work we'd done.
Nope.  One of Gigs' pet scorpions was wandering around the floor
then slipped peacefully under the washer.
So now we have a scorpion on the loose.
I was exhausted at the end of the day

Now it's Lottie's turn!

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