Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Bargains and Bugs

 We have a few new members of the family this week.
Oliver sold his 2014 red Honda 150, saved some money, and within 
a month he had upgraded to an orange 2016 250 KTM.  
He got a really good deal and was very proud of his bargaining skills.
Christian and Oliver drove 2 hours away to Virginia
 where they made the transaction.
The bike needs a few tweaks and a little TLC which will give him 
something to do (and save his money for) this summer.
He woke up this morning intending to do school work but the bike
was calling his name from the garage and I don't think he got much done,
He spent the afternoon cleaning and examining it.
He drove the bike to the woods near The White House and got it
all dirty again.  He loved every second of it.
Meanwhile, inside, Gigs was setting up a scorpion habitat.
A kid in our ward smuggled 5 scorpions from his recent trip in Arizona
and graciously gave Gigs one on Sunday.
He brought it home and made an incredible house for him with
rocks, sand, and peat moss.
A family vote was established and the name "Pinto" won.
His friend also gave him several hissing cockroaches.
If I didn't love Gigs so much I'd have put my foot down on those.
The cockroaches are disgusting.
This morning we woke up to a dead Pinto.
It was a sad morning.
We looked up possible conditions for why a scorpion would die-
especially living in the Taj Mahal of habitats.
One of the articles we found 
said that scorpions like to play dead when they are cold.

So, maybe Pinto is just sleeping?

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