Sunday, February 21, 2021

"The Year of Claire"

 Claire and Gigs both gave talks in church today,
and Christian gave the closing prayer!
Gigs and I had been working on his talk in home school for nearly 2 weeks.
We were studying arachnids and he LOVES scorpions, and so we
decided to somehow work scorpions in his message.
 Elder Patrick Kearon gave a great talk about "spiritual scorpions"
and he used some of his talk and his own personal stories and it
was really, really sweet.
He did a wonderful job and smiled a few times which was a miracle since he woke
up super grouchy and cried all the way to church.
Claire gave her "farewell" talk today and Christian and I cried the
whole time.  She was amazing and blew me away with her
maturity and wisdom.  Her talk was perfect and so spiritual and she spoke
clearly and slowly.  I really was blown away.
Christian always dubbed about 2020 being "the year of Claire".
It was the year that we hoped Claire would see good change and progression
in her life.  Dating, job, school, a study abroad option, too!
But then COVID happened and changed all of that.
Everything was canceled in her life and
it was then that she felt prompted to pray about serving a mission. 
The Lord closed so many windows in her life but opened others
and they were most important for her experience and progression.
I am so thankful she recognized that in her life as a blessing.
She is going to be an AMAZING missionary and I am so proud of her!
Christian and I looked at each other several times today
and just shook our heads because we are so grateful for our children.
They are so good.
We've got a lot of problems and some very serious frantic problems,
but we don't worry one second about our children. 
That is a HUGE blessing that I am overwhelmed and grateful for.
They are incredible.

Go, Nielson family, Go!!

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