Thursday, January 21, 2021

Union of Feeling

Me and Lindsay at the beach last summer

Today my best friend Lindsay called me and together
 we worked through some things on the phone.
The world is often scary for us young(ish) mothers.  
We worry about our children and their safety and schooling. 
We worry about the economy and things that threaten our roles as homemakers.
It's nice to talk through things with someone who feels the EXACT same way.
But at the end of our phone call--and the most important part of our chat,
was when we testified of Christ to each other, and acknowledged His ability
 to heal, bind, comfort, and bring peace.
Me and Oliver, New Jersey 2005

One of my favorite phrases in the scriptures is 
This is repeated many times, and for a reason:
It's so comforting!
As I reflect on the confusion, turmoil, and discord in the world
I wonder what I can do about it?  Most often I feel helpless.
Early this morning- before I even got out of bed, I listened to 
one of my favorite talks:
  by sister Sharon Eubank.
"We may not yet be where we want to be, and we are not now where we will be. 
I believe the change we seek in ourselves and in the groups we belong to 
will come less by activism and more by actively 
trying every day to understand one another. Why?
 Because we are building Zion—a people “of one heart and one mind.”

I know the Lord inspired me to listen to that talk this morning 
so I could be prepared with wisdom and clarity for our phone call.
My Stake President, Steve Bodhaine once said to me: 
"When the Lord inspires the question, he leads the answer."
I'll never forget that.
I believe the Lord wants to know that we are willing to 
create unity among our families, neighborhoods, communities, and churches,
and he'll tell us how to do that.  He'll inspire our answers.
Sister Eubank goes on, 
"....we have broad influence. 
That influence is applied in everyday moments when we are
 studying with a friend, putting children to bed,
 talking to a seatmate on the bus, preparing a presentation with a colleague. 
We have power to remove prejudice and build unity."

I know I am not there yet, but I'd like to be,
and I know that I can influence my family.

So I'll start in The White House.
My white house, of course  :)

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