Tuesday, January 19, 2021

RIP Peep

 It was a sad day in The White House over the weekend.
We woke up to find Lottie's bird, Peep "sleeping"
 on the bottom of his cage.  Charlotte was devastated.
Gigs made him a coffin out of a cardboard box and dug
 a hole for him outside in the rain by the back fence.
Lottie said a few words after we buried Peep
then Christian said a little prayer.

Peep was survived by his wife, Snowwhite (Snow for short)
who now occupies the birdcage alone.
It's kind of sad.

On Sunday we attended church and Oliver spoke!
He spoke about his passion for studying concussions (CTE),
and how having the right helmet whether it is for 
football, biking, or motorcycles
can protect you from CTE damage and even death.
(Oliver owns about five helmets that he wears around the house
just because he likes wearing them. 
 On my computer, I have a file called "Ollie with helmets on".
Inside the file are about 100 photos of him wearing a 
variety of helmets over the years.
Most of them I took in secret.
Some kids always have a ball in their hands, maybe it's a fidget spinner,
and some kids won't let their phone out of their sight.  
Ollie wears helmets).

He likened helmets to God's Priesthood and how it can be a protection in 
life when it's hard and temptations attempt to knock us down,
the Priesthood of God can lift, bless, and protect us.
I was very proud of him.  I just love that kid!
And it was pretty cool that Umi and Grandpa could
 Zoom in and listen to him speak from Utah!
(I guess there are a few positives from all this Covid business).


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